Erica Timothy



Erica Timothy is an emerging talent in contemporary ceramics with her work increasingly sought after by collectors and galleries. Her ceramics are intuitive, sculptural and organic with a narrative and natural beauty.


Erica’s work displays a strong inspiration from nature: from the round bottomed vessels of West Africa to the fabulously extravagant horns of antelopes, cattle and sheep. Her work has a characterful humour has well thought provoking themes.

Nubia I (front)

25 x 19 x 13cm

Saami I (rear)

23 x 20 x 9cm


Fondo Redondo III (front)

21 x 20 x 16cm

Fondo Redondo II (centre)

21 x 17 x 17cm

Fondo Redondo I (rear)

21 x 22 x 16cm


Bamm Bamm I
16 x 25 x 16cm

Bamm Bamm II

15 x 25 x 15cm



Corbu III (left)
25 x 19 x 15cm


Corbu I (centre)
27 x 33 x 20cm


Corbu II (right)
23 x 28 x 17cm


Fondo Redondo I
21 x 22 x 16cm



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