Lydia Corbett & Pablo Picasso: Out of Vallauris

4 - 28 November 2022
A rare exhibition of paintings, works on paper and ceramics by both Lydia Corbett and Pablo Picasso. Lydia Corbett, née Sylvette David, was the subject of more than sixty paintings and sculptures by Picasso, after meeting in 1953 and is the only internationally recognised artist of that period who is still active as an artist. Now in her late eighties with failing eyesight, she has found a new voice. Recalling memories of her life as a young woman, she has learned a new way of working - with her 'inner eye'. Working very directly onto canvas and wooden panels, she creates bold and powerful compositions in oils, often with charcoal. The exhibition also includes the collaborative achievements of her and her daughter, Alice Corbett, working together in ceramics. These more recent methods enable Corbett to transfer images of memories and her imagination in a direct way by working with her hands, relying on her other sense of touch and feel as well as her remaining eyesight.

Complimenting this body of work is a collection of original works on paper and ceramics by Pablo Picasso, from the 1930s - 1960s, but with a focus on the early 1950s.

This significant exhibition coincides with the launch of a major book by Lucien Berman on Lydia Corbett and her position within Picasso's work. The deluxe publication focuses on Corbett's ceramic oeuvre across her lifetime.