POP ART: Roy Lichtenstein | Keith Haring | Patrick Caulfield | Peter Blake | David Hockney

6 May - 11 June 2022

An exhibition featuring works by Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring alongside works by David Hockney, Peter Blake and Patrick Caulfield. This selling collection of work includes original paintings and original signed multiples of this iconic period of 20th century art.


The Pop Art Movement was pioneered in the 1950s by Richard Hamilton and Eduardo Paolozzi in London and in the 1960s by Blake, Caulfield, Hockney. By the 1960s artists in the U.S.A. including Lichtenstein, Jim Dine, Mel Ramos, James Rosenquist,  Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselmann had developed this movement further.


We can all recognise and identify with Pop Art. Essentially, associated works of art use 'borrowed' imagery from popular culture - product advertising, brand logos, comic books and television advertising. Warhol, Rauschenberg and Lichtenstein particularly used methods of screen printing. The striking graphic nature and bold colour of their works lent well to creating limited edition multiples as well as larger-production posters, completing quite an artistic 'circle' of the commercial world from which the artists had originally referenced. Some sixty years on the popularity of these artist's works continues and has seen something of a resurgence of popularity in recent years, with a major touring show in 2021 stopping at the British Museum, London, and then on to Madrid and Barcelona.


David Simon Contemporary are delighted to bring a fine selection of collectible works to Somerset this summer in this exhibition that packs a punch.