Peter Ceredig-Evans: The Shape of Time

2 July - 20 August 2022

The work of Peter Ceredig-Evans is emotionally charged, woven with physical application and immediacy. Fragmented moments in time collaged together in the mind of the artist from his own perspective and experiences he has viewed.

A graduate from Bath Spa University, Peter Ceredig-Evans, who hails from Cornwall, moved to Australia some six years ago. Here, in his new surroundings, his exploration of landscape themes continues with fresh visual inspiration.  His work is the beautiful result of his complex painting practice; an intense fascination of building layers of oils and washes to create a rich depth and subtle surface finishes.


"The paintings evolve over time in the studio, by being worked and reworked, then stripped back and repeated", he explains. The artist's work is a physical reaction to his own memories and experience. "The natural forms, mark making and compositions of colour that emerge through my work evoke a dreamlike sense of ground, earth and landscape moving, that is strongly familiar, but without being obvious". The mark making and application of paint is done in such a way that appears incidental and uncontrived. This is intentionally so to imitate geomorphology.



Having developed his career as a painter, working from his studio on the Gold Coast, Peter Ceredig-Evans has found an enthusiastic new audience and has attracted international collectors. David Simon Contemporary is delighted to be presenting this important solo exhibition of his latest paintings - 'The Shape of Time - the most significant British show of his work so far. Despite drawing on the subject matter of the Australian coastal landscape, and taking inspiration from aerial vantage points, there are undoubtedly traces of Peter's memories of his homeland that are embedded in the 'history' of each canvas. Therefore, these paintings transcend references to physical landscape and this collection carries a rich impression of the artist's journey and sense of place.