Mick Lindberg: SEW the Seed
15 July - 30 August


A remarkable and original exhibition of textile-based artworks by this Swedish-born artist exploring both female figures and her love of flora through pattern and collage. This latest collection carries Lindberg’s passion for textiles and storytelling, using the themes of flowers and nature entwined with femininity and form.                                                                                                                                                                                         

“The seed of this show was planted a long time ago, and has slowly germinated.

I like to think that I have opened the gate to a garden of endless imagination,

where time & place is of no importance, and flowers grow wild in strange places.

There are no borders to this realm where the very essence of nature lives." ML


It was Written in the Palms of Her Hands
80 x 65cm



The Secrets of the Queen Bee
122 x 84cm




70 x 65.5cm



All Flowers Await the Moon Kiss

62 x 62cm



A Curious Lament

100 x 75cm


Botanical Bondage

102 x 80cm



72 x 52cm


Baltic Bride

82 x 58cm


Daughter of a River God

54 x 56cm


Becoming an Oak

87 x 60cm



Deflowered Dancer

71 x 82cm


I Am Not I

118 x 88cm



Disguised she Escaped for the Second Time

70 x 65cm



Madonna of the Meadow

93 x 83cm



She Wrote Poetry

73.5 x 65.5cm


Set your life on FIRE.
Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames


85 x 65cm


Be like WATER Floating Time of Pain and Dance like Waves in Happiness

85 x 65cm



Catch the AIR Around
the Butterflies

85 x 65cm


The EARTH is a Child that Knows Poems by Heart

85 x 65cm


75 x 70cm



Forbidden Fruit and Blue Stockings
85 x 67cm



The Bride that Fell from the Sky
59 x 59cm



The Bloom of the Heart no Wind can Touch
90 x 75cm

The Skirt that Blossomed into Spring
108 x 62cm



The Flower of the Present Rosily Blossomed
75 x 56cm



The Secret Garden of Otherness
90 x 55cm


The Thread of a Stitched Heart
79 x 84cm


The Innocent and Beautiful Have no Enemy by Time
72 x 54cm



The World Tree in Bloom
68.5 x 48.5cm


The Girl Who Lived in a Haiku
100 x 72cm




Born in Sweden in 1950, Mick Lindberg learned the art of needlework from her mother and grandmother. Throughout her life, her love of textiles and fashion has influenced her career choices, first as a successful model and photographer, now as a textile artist.


She has held numerous solo exhibitions in London, as well as in New Mexico, New York and Bath.

1985 Fox Talbot Museum, “Windows” Exhibition
1988 Photographers Gallery, London. Print Room “The Tired Tulip” Solo Show
1989 Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London, Group Show Opening
1990 Portofolio Gallery London, Christmas Exhibition Group Show
1991 Portofolio Gallery London, Travelling Group Show “The Female”
1991 Zelda Cheatle Gallery London “Shrines & Boxes“ Solo Show
1992. London Festival Hall South Bank Show, Group Show “Icons”
1992 Photofusion Gallery London, “Fusion” Group Show
1992 England & Co Gallery London, “Art in Boxes” Group Show
1993 Owings-Dewey Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico, Group Show
1994 Nation Portrait Gallery London, John Kobal Portrait Award Group Exhibition
1994 Zelda Cheatle Gallery London, “Shrines“ Solo Show
1995 Owings- Dewy Gallery Santa Fe New Mexico, “A Book ,a box“ Solo Show
1998. Howard Green Gallery New York, “Displaced “Photo gravures Solo Show
1999 “Into the Light“ International Travelling Group Show The Royal Photographic Society Bath                 

         The Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
         Calcagrafia, Madrid
         Metropole Art Centre, London
2000 Zelda Cheatle Gallery London “Displaced“ Solo Show
2000 Pamuk Bank, Istanbul “Alchemy“ Group Show
2003 Zelda Cheatle “15 X 15” Group show
2013 Anthony Hepworth Gallery Bath “Textile Paintings“ Solo Show
2015 Anthony Hepworth Gallery Bath, “Stitched Stories“ Solo Show
2016 & Anthony Hepworth Gallery Bath Group Show
2018 Anthony Hepworth Gallery Bath “The Eclectic Eye“ Group Show
2019 Brownsword Hepworth Gallery London “Zodiacs - Stitched Stars“ Solo Show
2019 David Simon Contemporary Castle Cary “SEW the Seeds"


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