Mick Lindberg: Faces of Hope

4 - 30 August 2022

For Mick Lindberg’s second solo exhibition with David Simon Contemporary, this beautiful body of work touches on themes of the many ways in which we seek HOPE: ‘Some ask guidance through animal spirits; some seek healing through prayers and religious charm’, Lindberg muses, ‘others connect to the Zodiac night sky. In the stitches of my images, I hope that the layers within each piece, that other-worldly essence, will reach the imagination that each viewer possesses.”


The unique work by this Swedish-born artist depicts narratives in an almost painterly manner, making use of pattern and texture from her archive of vintage and antique fabrics. At the same time, the quality of stitching and intricate layering of materials makes each piece an exquisitely finished accomplishment. The faces that appear in Lindberg’s compositions are engaging and this is an exhibition that will not fail to arouse an emotional response.